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Yojana Magazine is published by Central Government of India (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting). This monthly magazine is published in 5 language including Hindi, Gujarati and English). You can view online or download it in pdf format by following links. You can also subscribe for printed version of this magazine (subscription details are available in right side box).

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Subscription details:

You can subscribe for Yojana magazine's printed version by sending Money order / Indian Postal Order / Bank draft to following address.

Subscription fee:
Yojana (Guj.) 1 Year: Rs. 100
Yojana (Guj.) 1 Year: Rs. 180
Yojana (Guj.) 1 Year: Rs. 250

Yojana Office, Ambika Complex, Above Uco Bank, Nr. Paldi char rasta, Ahmedabad - 380007. Tel.: 079-26588669.

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