Computer Proficiency Test Model Papers

Computer Proficiency Test Papers

Are you looking for Model Papers for Computer Proficiency Test? If yes, then you are at right place. You can view or download model test papers for Computer Proficiency Test. All these test papers are specially designed by for various boards including Gujarat Gaun Seva Pasandgi Mandal (GSSSB). 

General Syllabus for Computer Proficiency Test

  • Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet)
  • Microsoft Word (Word Processor)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint  (Presentation)
  • Microsoft Outlook (Email Client)
  • Microsoft Indic Input Tool (Gujarati typing)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Make / copy spreadsheet as per provided in hard copy of question paper. These question covers, typing, formatting, basic formulas / functions such as Sum, Max, Min, Count, CountIf, Average, Percentage, LCM, If etc..., Apply sort & Filter, Set page size, Margin, References like Add comment / Footernote etc...

Microsoft Word

Type / format texts / paragraph(s) from provided question paper. These question covers, typing, formatting, Apply sort & Filter, Set page size, Margin, References like Add comment / Footernote, Insert Table, Add Watermark, Apply columns to document, Insert shape, Header, Footer etc...

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Microsoft PowerPoint

Make Presentation in MS PowerPoint as per given instructions. These question covers, typing, formatting, Basic sliders i.e. Title only, Title & Subtitle, Title & Content, Two content, Difference between slides etc..., Apply animation, Rehearse timing, basic slideshow setup, loop slideshow, insert picture, shape, textbox etc...

Microsoft Outlook

Send email to provided email address (including To, CC & BCC), write subject, type content, attach file / attachments.

Gujarati Typing

Type provided paragraph(s) in Microsoft Indic Input tool. This fonts are very easy and you can type in this font like Gujarati-English (Gujlish) Language. For Example, you can type તમે by typing "tame". its very easy to understand and very logical. You can download Indic fonts from Microsoft's official website.

Format Paragraph in Microsoft Word

Format provided paragraph(s) as per instruction. This question covers some basic and intermediate functionalities of MS Word application i.e., Basic Formatting (Font, Font size, Bold, Italic, Underline, Strickthrough, Subscript, Superscript etc), Page layout, Page size, Margins, Print Area, Watermark, Spelling Correction, Multiple columns etc...

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